Want to grow what you see on the farm?

Order today for April or May pick-up to help support our mission of providing free fresh local produce to our community. Each pot you order will have several plants in it.

How Indigenous Peoples Are Reestablishing Traditional Crops

  • Food Sovereignty

    By saving your seeds, we control our seed and therefore your food supply—we aren’t depending on seed stores or catalogs for difficult to find seed. Hundreds of excellent plant varieties have been discontinued as big corporations have consolidated the seed industry and focused on more profitable varieties.

  • Equitable Food Access

    We Produce thousands of pounds of food a year and with the help of our community partners it is distributed throughout central Virginia free of charge.   

    Food justice is an important part of community justice. 

     All of our food is donated locally with the intention of directly impacting our community.

  • Community Garden Facilitation

    Each spring we provide hundreds of vegetable plants to community & public gardens to become a source of healthy nutrition, and calming nature therapy. These plants go on to reach many more plates than we could alone, and is a vital component to our impact on the regional food supply. By providing free access to communities that are labeled as food deserts we are a supplying a dependable source of free fresh produce to anyone who needs it.